Selina Brantley, CEO and Founder of Syndicate Success Marketing Entity, LLC (SSME) says,

“As someone that has diligently looked for the perfect opportunity, I decided to stop looking and design the ultimate work-at-home, job, business opportunity, or business venture.”

There are opportunities that come along that you just can’t pass up. The concept is remarkable it’s one those why didn’t I think of this type of things. Selina Brantley  CEO and founder of Wealth Creations Network thought of every pitfall there is in this industry I have to say this not because I gain if you sign up, but really you loose by passing it up. This how it works in a nut shell you join Wealth Creations Network as a free member.

To upgrade to an affiliate you are asked to do a few offers some are free others may call for a payment. These are offers that you see on the net such as Netflicks , informational newsletters, Doubleday book club, online college etc…

I paid $40 for what I did but that was my choice you can do it for free, but it will take a while I wanted to get qualified quickly. You can purchase 3 ebooks and be done that is your choice, however WCN will never ask for a penny out of your pocket. You will get that back when you get your Gems card.  Once you have finish your minimum offers you are qualified. Wealth Creations Network is paid for what you do and 6 others did by doing the offers which they share .

I mentioned 6 people these are the only people you will need though out the entire process if you don’t know 6 people who want to build wealth don’t worry about it the free marketing training system that WCN supplies will help you find 6 people trust me it’s incredible . If you only have to have 1 person who did what you did to qualify for spill over.  Once you have 6 qualified  affiliates you are done. You are then given a Gems debit card with $300 and $75 to$ 90 in case you incurred any out of pocket expenses doing the offers. This is what you will be paid on.

$100 of the $300 is leverage to get you started into the first phrase.  There are three phrases that you will going though without ever having to sponsor another person.It is truly a out of pocket way to step you into CMI  a 19 year old Financial Educational Company. As people join you get to share in profit share with the company the more that join the bigger the profit share.

Qualified members are currently earning $2000 monthly in profit sharing and commissions. In less than 5 months  going through the different phrases you’ll be earning about $10,000 per month and financially sound at the end of the year. You also be collecting uncirculated  Gold and Sliver Eagle Bullion coins and some Platinum.

With all this simplicity the best thing about WCN is that it addresses every pitfall you can find in Network Marketing.  If you have been around the industry a while you know what I mean like the cost to get started, talking to friends and family, finding qualified people, training, recruiting over and over, company stability, not making enough money to justify the spending. WCN has covered each and every problem. If you already have a business   WCN will help you market your business better.  To make it simple WCN is a way to position yourself to build wealth.  Click here to sign up for free today You will be thanking me for this.


3 Responses to “Wealth Creations Network”

  1. joe pheto Says:

    interested in joining your team in developing home business opportunities in south africa hope to learn a lot from you and promote some of the products in your menu. will appreciate you support’kind regards.

  2. joe pheto Says:

    no reply from your site yet hope you will be in touch soon.

  3. Diana Sizemore Says:

    Hi Joe, i am a member of Wealth Creations Network and i must tell you that WCN is not available internationally yet, but they will be very soon.
    Please keep checking back because it is an awesome opportunity.

    Many blessings, Diana S.

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